Making predictions about the electoral results of November 8 is very risky and the chances of success are very remote. Especially after the results of last August 23 in District 12, where inexplicable things happened that open the door to serious doubts about the legitimacy of the democratic day.

Saying that the candidate who receives the most money through donations or self-financing is the favorite and even the sure winner is no longer valid. Residents of the district that makes up Doral along with 4 other cities saw how candidate Juan Carlos Bermúdez, who ran a very poor campaign, practically doubled the vote of Sophia Lacayo, who spared no human and financial resources in search of a victory or results that at least they were not so bulky in favor of his rival.

After Bermúdez’s victory, we heard him on the Miami radio saying that one of his campaign objectives was to continue controlling Doral. Those words bring us very close to the Castro-Chavista philosophy that manages to cede power to henchmen who limit themselves to following the instructions of their master in exchange for perks and promises of future very juicy positions.

Things are very clear in the city, it is already known who are favored by what Bermúdez himself calls “the machinery”, which is a network of old politicians with power and wealth who seek to continue “controlling” their fiefdoms as if these are private farms in which a small group enjoys the benefits and the rest, the vast majority, pay to supply pensions, family insurance, trips and all kinds of privileges.

It must be said that there is nothing illegal in being an active or passive subject of an endorsement. In politics, endorsements are necessary, although they always depend on the size of the endorser and not on the qualities of the endorser.

Bermúdez’s deck shows us his endorsement to, in his own words, “continue controlling Doral”.

His candidate for mayor is Claudia Mariaca, who has been in council 6 years and does not have any productive accomplishments to show for it! Her best performance has been to support all the mayor’s proposals before the Council, acting as a “fixed vote” for any management.

For chair 1, Bermúdez has Susana Castillo whose greatest political experience lies in having belonged to the Miami-Dade School Board for District 5 and having been Bermúdez’s Chief of Staff for several years, in other words, she has been an employee of the mayor and his greatest interest is to continue representing him in the Council.

For seat 2 Bermúdez has Ivette González Petkovic, a lawyer with no experience in the public sector, but very close to Councilman Oscar Puig and the candidate for seat 4 Digna Cabral.

For Seat 4, the now county commissioner Bermúdez, bets on his government partner and squire Digna Cabral, famous for the phrase she pronounced when it was proposed that the city help merchants with money in times of pandemic. “Helping our merchants is not our responsibility, each business is responsible for having its own reserves,” said Cabral.

If this deck of people is partially or totally chosen, the government of Doral will continue to be the same as it has been for the last 14 years, there will be no renewal of officials, millionaire pensions paid with tax payer dollars, and the problems suffered by the city and by residents will be there for several more years to come!

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