Miami, (July 23, 2022) Doral First Magazine is proud to announce that our District 25th Congressional District Representative, Mario Diaz-Balart will be in touch with our Doral residents through our online and printed magazines from now on.

“I’m honored to serve the residents of the 25th Congressional District of Florida. Every week, we bring our office to you by hosting outreach hours in neighborhoods all over our District to make our casework services more accessible. Residents of Florida’s 25th District are welcome to meet with a member of my staff to discuss federal issues or any problems that they may have with a federal agency. Our Doral District Office is located at 8669 NW 36th Street, Suite 100. Doral Florida, 33166”  

Highest Inflation Rate in 41 Years 
Inflation reached a new record of 9.1% in June– the highest rate in 41 years. This is a direct result of the Biden Administration’s failed leadership, reckless spending, and destructive economic policies. Yet what is House Democratic Leadership’s solution to skyrocketing inflation and decreasing wages? Another massive spending bill. You cannot address inflation by increasing spending, and yet that is what House Democrats are trying to do again.  

Congress Defeats Pro-Communist Amendment  
Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives defeated an amendment offered by Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI-13) to provide unilateral concessions to the regime in Cuba by a vote of 260 to 163.   While Marxist dictatorships have their apologists within the Democratic Majority, I am grateful for the support of colleagues on both sides of the aisle who stood with the Cuban people in their struggle for freedom today. Because of their firm, bipartisan support, we were able to defeat an amendment that would have extended credit to the Cuban people’s oppressors.   I will continue to oppose any unilateral concessions to the brutal, anti-American regime in Cuba. While hundreds of political prisoners remain imprisoned, we must not lessen pressure on a regime that uses its revenue to further oppress the Cuban people. The Cuban people will be free, and I am proud of the U.S. Congress for standing with them today.  

The Biden Administration Has Ceded Control of the Southern Border to Cartels   Senator Ted Cruz just visited the Mexican border with a group of Republican Senators and they said that numerous illegal immigrants and drugs are pouring into the States where cartels are making billions of dollars each month. Ron Johnson (R) Winsconsin sustains that the amounts are not millions but billions of dollars per year. “I think is about 18.3 billion dollars per year… Is the multimillion business model for some of the evilest people on the planet. I’ve been to the border many, many times over the past decade and it’s the worst I’ve ever seen it right now. Senator Ted Cruz (R) Texas said. The GOP senators blame Biden’s administration’s open border policy, especially the so-called “catch and release”.  
Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart was so clear about the border crisis. “First we need to understand that what president Biden and his administration have done is they ceded control of the southern border to the narco-terrorist cartels. The people now, the individuals and the groups making the decision about who comes to the United States across the southern border are these narco-cartels. The same ones trafficking human sex, guns, and drugs. The day of somebody tries to walk from anywhere in Latin America across the border, you have to go to the cartels, and otherwise, they will kill you” Diaz-Balart affirms.   “In the fact that this administration has given control of the southern border and who comes across the southern border to those cartels is insane, it is a serious national security threat”.   You can watch all the interviews with Congressman Diaz-Balart at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9aQ_OMU-jU&t=17s            

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Juan Manuel Moncada 23 julio, 2022 - 6:11 am

Congressman Mario. I voted for you and I’m so glad to see you closer to our Doral community. We need your leadership to eliminate corruption in Doral administration.


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