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Are Political Campaigns Being Paid with City of Doral Funds?

by Camila Escarceti

Doral, (May 3, 2022). Thousands of Doral residents have been surprised to check their mailboxes and find an envelope sent by city hall, with an official stamp that contains interesting information about social events in the city, administrative departments and an invitation for the inauguration of the Doral White Course Park, which took place on May 4th at 11am in the morning.

The most curious thing about the communication is that on the front it has a photo and social media links to the campaign of Council Member and Candidate for Mayor of the City of Doral, Claudia Mariaca, who aspires to be the successor to Mayor Juan Carlos Bermúdez in the November elections.

Carlos Eduardo Sánchez, a resident of Doral Isles, received the envelope and wondered, like thousands of residents, why a Candidate for Mayor of the City of Doral is sending letters paid for with City funds?

“I wonder why an elected official would send letters with her photograph, City of Doral Business Card and include social media links to her campaign for Mayor of Doral?”. 

Aren’t these political ads? Did the City of Doral pay for these marketing pieces? I don’t believe that it’s appropriate, nor legal, nor ethical to use city funds and resources to send political advertising.”  Sánchez said.

Doral First Magazine tried to contact the councilwoman to resolve the concerns of the citizen’s, but received no response.

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